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Berlin is the New Hipster Destination

Berlin has been ranked as one of the top cities to visit in 2015 by Australia’s online news edition of Business Insider.

December 09th, 2014
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The year has almost drawn to a close, which means it is time to start planning your dream trip next year.  While there are invariable numerous places people should visit, Business Insider Australia has charted major developments, cultural trends and global festivals to find the hottest places to travel around the world in 2015. Berlin has been ranked as one of these hottest cities.

Hipster Destination

While Berlin has always been known as one of Europe’s coolest cities, it is only recently that Berlin has blown up as a quintessential hipster destination.  Hipster is defined as a subculture of men and women, typically in their 20s or early 30s.  Hipsters value independent thinking, progressive politics and have a significant appreciation for art and indie-rock, creativity and intelligence.  Hipsters are generally seen as rejecting mainstream consumerism.  

Berlin is now the new home for everything hipster.  In particular the Kreuzberg district is where all hipsters are likely to feel at home.  The Kreuzberg district straddles both the old East and West Berlin.  During the 1970s Kreuzberg was one of the poorest quarters of Berlin but since reunification has emerged as the new cultural hub of Berlin.  

Hipster Hotspots

For those particularly connected to their hipster roots there are a few hotspots not to be missed. For the best burgers and fries check out White Trash, Fast Food; an over-the-top restaurant which is also part club, part tattoo parlour. Nightclubs to visit include Meschugge Berlin, a nightclub that feels like an Israeli dance party; and Stattbad Wedding/Stattbar a nightclub situated inside an old swimming pool.

So for those looking to travel in 2015, Berlin is a definite must do.  In particular, hipsters looking to visit and experience a new hipster culture will find a new home in Berlin.

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