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Berlin Food Week - discover what is tasty and what is not.

October 07th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Berlin Food Week starts today until the 12th of October and will take place in the Central Department Store Jandorf. Other events are located in public and private places of Berlin. The first Berlin Food Week aims to offer professionals and home cooks a platform for exchange.

During this week the city of Berlin will be involved in the best cuisine with professionals from Germany and food experts from all over the world. People attending the Berlin Food Week will have to opportunity to get to know the innovation, the quality of food and nutrition, and it also provides an occasion to visit Berlin. "Together with all who are passionately committed to good food, we want to make Berlin an internationally acclaimed food metropolis." Said Alexander van Hessen, the founder of the idea.

The organisation believes in the future of this city as a capital of pleasure and also to establish Berlin as a food metropolis with international standing. The Berlin Food Week is the beginning, it is a new format, in which the purpose is the exchange of views, ideas and concepts, promoting cooperation.

The Berlin Food Week is also an opportunity for companies to represent themselves as partners. Some of the partnerships are a program about the topic of food: the Berlin Metro will support the chefs of "Clash Food Canteen" with goods, and will be left open on Fridays. Miele offers tastings and cooking nights in the Miele Gallery. The Clicquot house will bring the champagne to portray the unique history of Madame Clicquot.

You can find the detailed program, more info, tickets and registration in the following link:


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