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Berlin Fashion Week

July 03rd, 2014
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News from Berlin - Berlin Fashion week is, next to the other prominent fashion shows held in capital cities such as  London or Paris,  one of the most important fashion shows across the world. This year’s  event will feature a number of original exhibitions such the long-awaited exhibition of David Bowie, whose work can be seen at the moment and will be on display until August 10th.

Aside from  the runway shows , the event will focus on the ethical aspect of fashion and  in particular its implications on the environment. Concern for the environment will be the leading theme of the  Greenshowroom exhibition from July 8th - 10th. The purpose of the Greenshowroom is to draw attention to the ecological aspect of fashion and highlight the importance of environment sustainability with regards to the fashion industry and its growing democratisation. Responsibility for the environment will also be an important aspect of the Ethical Fashion Show and the clothes  presented  there will have been produced by firms that favour environmental sustainability.

Berlin fashion week is an international event where designers, trade experts and the media come together to set new trends in fashion for the upcoming season. Over 150 of designers and artists will come to Berlin to take part in this year’s event, and the shows will be accompanied by visual installations and music of German music bands.

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