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Berlin Celebrated the 205 Years of Independence of Paraguay

The event was hosted at the Embassy of Paraguay

May 30th, 2016

On Thursday May 12th, 2016 a reception was held commemorating the 205th anniversary of the independence of Paraguay, at the residence of the Embassy in Germany. The event was included approximately 300 guests, including representatives of the diplomatic corps, German authorities, German businessmen and members of the Paraguayan community.

With the support of the Paraguayan Chamber of Commerce, the Paraguayan-German Chamber of Commerce, Cane Fortin S.A. and several other Paraguayan companies it was possible to carry out this event, which was very well received by those who were present. Guests could enjoy a rich Paraguayan asado and several other specialties of our country, for the meal, 300 kilos of red meat were imported, with the collaboration of the Paraguayan Chamber of Meat. So delicious drinks were also made with the Paraguayan Fortin Cane that were offered.

The music was conducted by Juanjo Corbalán a famous Paraguayan harpist, who ran the Paraguayan harp and surprisingly delighted the audience. The Jeroky Ballet, which travelled to Berlin from Vienna, delighted the audience with their beautiful costumes and a variety of Paraguayan dances, among them, the dance of the bottle is highlighted.

The Paraguayan ambassador accredited to the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, H. E. Amb. Fernando Ojeda, described the event as "a success", the exhibition in the city of Berlin attracted the interest of entrepreneurs and special guests who enjoyed a wide variety cuts of national meat. The guests appreciated and were really excited about the cultural show and the varied menu prepared, highlighting the quality of the Paraguayan meat which was offered to the German public.

H. E. Amb. Ojeda said he was "sure that this will pay off, because getting to know even more our country in Germany was one of the main commitments I made when I agreed to represent Paraguay, hoping to arouse curiosity and interest towards our country," he said.


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