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Berlin Celebrated In New York Times Column on How to Enjoy Your Trip to the City

As Summer Holidays Continue, the New York Times Offers Its Personal Guide to How to Enjoy Your Whistle-Stop Stay in Berlin

August 14th, 2015
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The New York Times has offered its own personal view of how to enjoy your whistle-stop stay in Berlin with highlights including where to eat, where to stay and trendy places to go out. The American newspaper picks out some of the most interesting and off-the-beaten-track things to do in and around Berlin so as to get a real feel for the city and not leave disappointed.

The newspaper plays overall on the quirky and original aspect of Berlin: on its turbulent history, vibrant present and optimistic future. Indeed, far from visiting the traditional museums and galleries, the newspaper advises its readers rather to discover the more “underground” side of Berlin. Bursting with innovative ideas and creative places, Berlin, the authors write, is the ideal place to see a city in the centre of huge upheaval whilst also quietly questioning the neoliberal paradigm we live in today.

The newspaper takes you on a three-day trip through Berlin – or rather a 36-hour one – and shows the reader which parts of Berlin best portray the general atmosphere of the city. Therefore, ranging from Michelin-star restaurants, to quirky street markets and rooftop bars, the journalists have tried to incorporate as many different styles as possible, in order to reflect the diversity within Berlin itself.

Berlin is, in many a sense, an open-air museum, with references to the city’s traumatic past evident from signposts to memorials to the Berlin Wall. However, and this is what the accompanying video points out, a lot of what Berlin has to offer is often hidden away, in unexpected areas and buildings. Therefore, let the New York Times guide you through this amazing city.

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