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Berlin and Hanoi Strengthen Cooperation Economically But Also Culturally

April 14th, 2014

News from Berlin - On April 9th State Secretary of the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Stefan Kapferer welcomed Vietnamese Minister of Planning and Investment in Berlin to discuss further bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries. One of the topics was the Asia-Pacific Conference of the German Economy that will take place for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City in November 2014.

State Secretary Kapferer stated “ Vietnam has been a valued trade partner of Germany. The Country has noted a stable economic growth for the past years and is therefore very attractive for the German economy. Our goal is to strengthen the already successful cooperation of our two countries. We will also encourage SMEs to engage with the Vietnamese market. Holding the Asia-Pacific Conference, German economy and politics show that they consider Vietnam a key location for business and industry.

Recently there have already been links developed between the two countries economically, but also from a cultural perspective. The German government has sponsored a “German House” in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as an exchange skill enhancement program for German and Vietnamese managers that has encouraged cultural exchange.

Germany and Vietnam are looking forward to their common future economically and culturally. It is hoped that a stronger economic engagement also will strengthen cultural ties successfully.

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