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Berghain Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

August 07th, 2014

News from Berlin - This month Berlin nightclub Berghain, together with its Panorama Bar, are celebrating their ten years anniversary. In honour of this Berghain will become host to a collection of visual art, which will be on display at the Halle am Berghain.

Berghain is known as possibly one of the most famous nightclubs in the world. Famous for its experimental and challenging music, the club is also well known for it parties that can go on for longer than twelve hours, as well as for its infamously strict door policy. Since its opening in 2004, Berghain has been a very successful format, combining music with both arts and clubbing, achieving worldwide fame in the process.

Besides being a place for clubbing, for many people Berghain is much more than that. From the people that work at Berghain to the people that live next to it, many people in Berlin have some sort of connection to the cultural hub. Many people also visit the club for its ever-changing and diverse collection of art from Berlin’s art scene.

Berghain’s charm also comes from its location, which is quite unique. It is located in a former Vattenfall power plant on the border of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain (hence Berg-Hain). The building Berghain is housed in is huge, and has a main dance floor that can accommodate around 1500 music lovers. The interior is dominated by the use of industrial materials such as concrete and steel, as is common in former industrial buildings.

The visual art exhibition at Berghain is called ‘10’ and will emphasize the club’s connection with the international art scene, which it has supported extensively throughout the years. According to Berghain’s website, the exhibition will feature a variety of themes, such as “club culture, the phenomenon of the masses, anti-elitism, body culture and tattoos, neoclassicism and the ruinous rawness of buildings.”

Featured artists include people from a wide variety of fields, such as Berghain’s prominent doorman Sven Marquardt, who is also a famed photographer, and artists such as the founder of Raster-Noton Carsten Nicolai. The exhibition will be opened with a small celebration on August 7, and will be open to the general public every day besides Mondays between August 8th and August 31th, More information is to be found on Berghain’s main website.

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