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Bergan International Festival and Jazz Canteen at the Nordic Embassy in Berlin

September 29th, 2014
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News from Berlin - PLAY NORDIC is a three-month long festival celebrating Nordic music, design and food. PLAY NORDIC seeks to strengthen trade networks and promote cultural exchange. On Wednesday, 1st October, the Nordic Embassy in Berlin will host a musical evening: Bergan International Festival and Jazz Canteen with Håkon Kornstad: Sounds from the City with the Seven Mountains. This highly anticipated cultural event marks the closing of the PLAY NORDIC festival.

The event will be held at the Nordic Embassies, Felleshus. The Felleshus | Pan-Nordic Building is the freely accessible cultural and event centre of the five Nordic embassies (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), whose motto is: "Each autonomous, and yet together".

Festival director, Anders Beyer, will take the audience on an historic tour of the biggest festival for music and theatre in the Nordic countries, with mesmerising performances and mouth-watering Norwegian soup.

Performers at the event will include: violinist Sonoko Miriam Welde, singer Tara Augestad, and the Philharmonic orchestra from Bergen with director Bernt Bauge. The Philharmonic will celebrate its 250th anniversary in 2015. This evening event will culminate with a Jazz canteen from the jazz saxophonist and singer Håkon Kornstad.

Since Berlin has become one of the most diverse and forward-looking cultural scenes in Europe, and the German market is increasingly important for Nordic design and music, PLAY NORDIC has enabled Nordic artists in Berlin to meet with professionals in the German creative scene.

The Nordic Embassies have played host to hundreds of Nordic designers, artists, performers, musicians, chefs and workshops throughout the PLAY NORDIC festival. With more than 30 events, a pop up coffee bar, a specially designed Nordic playlist, and many movie nights over the last three months, PLAY NORDIC has been a huge success and has united artists from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) with Berliners, Germans and internationals in Berlin.

The closing event is one not to be missed!

Wednesday 1st October Program schedule:


Traditional Norwegian Soup


The International Festival in Bergen with Sonoko Miriam Welde (violin) and Tora Augestad (soprano)


Jazz canteen with Håkon Kornstad (saxophone, vocal, live Remix)

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