Belarus Celebrates 100 Years of Diplomacy

Belarussian Embassy in Berlin writes about their 100 years diplomatic history

February 08th, 2019
Lance Bradley, News from Berlin
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After 100 years of formation, the Belarussian state celebrates 100 years of diplomatic relations with other countries

In January 1919, the newspaper Zvezda (Звезда) posted an article stating that “the Commission of Foreign Affairs started working” in reference to the successful work of 12 people in the young country of Belarus who paved the path for the future of Belarussian diplomacy by forming the Commission of Foreign Affairs of the Belarussian Soviet Socialist Republic (КИД БССР). By March 1921, the Commission had opened their first embassy in Moscow, Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic (РСФСР) and by August of the same year plans had been finalized to create an office in Minsk for the commission.

In 1945 the Belarussian Soviet Socialist Republic was officially recognized for their contribution in the war against Nazi Germany; shortly after Belarussian officials had signed the UN Charter. In 1946 the commission officially renamed itself and became the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Belarussian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Decades later, in their post-soviet rebirth as the Republic of Belarus in 1990, the government continued to develop diplomacy as a new young state and this effort continues today. The Belarussian embassy in Berlin celebrated the work of the 12 first Belarussian diplomats in their commemoration in January of this year.


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