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Beginning of Unidram theater festival with the French play "Amor Fati"

October 28th, 2014
20141027_ French Play at Unidram.jpg
News from Berlin. The Institut Francais in collaboration with Fabrik Potsdam have organized the theater play "Amor Fati", which is going to be one of the parts of Unidram alternative theater festival, which will take place from tomorrow in Potsdam.

The play, which will serve as the inaugural event of this important alternative theater festival, is based on texts by Nietzsche, Shakespeare or Barthes. In "Amor Fati" converge parallel performances of actors, dancers and comedians, something which makes this play very complete.

For 2 hours, audience will enjoy the German premiere of this French play directed by Maxime Franzetti. The theater company " Théâtre du Balèti" has visited other European countries like Spain in order to represent this play, which had both critics and audience great success.

The Unidram festival is one of the most important alternative theater festivals. It serves as a convergence point for worldwide theatre companies, which exchange their points of view about the fast-changing theater movements.

The appointment with French theater will take place tomorrow October 28th at 19:30 pm at Fabrik Potsdam (Schiffbauergasse 10). Those interested in attending need to buy the tickets at the entrance of the festival. Ticket reservations can be done both by phone (+49 (0)331 / 71 91 39) or email (kontakt@t-werk.de)

For more information visit the website http://www.unidram.de/uni_engl/prog/programme.php

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