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Basim Magdy at KunstHalle

Egyptian artist presented in Deutsche Bank's Gallery

July 01st, 2016

The KunstHalle is the Deutsche Bank's contemporary art gallery in Berlin. The gallery is hosting an exhibition by the Egyptian artist Basim Magdy, called “The Stars Were Aligned for a Century of New Beginnings”. It will be open to the public until July 3rd.

The Deutsche Bank (DB) is one of the biggest financial institutions in the world, and the largest bank in Germany. It was founded on January 22nd, 1870 in Berlin. It facilitates trade relations between Germany and international markets. The institution has a Corporate Citizenship programme, where the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle is integrated.

As the concept is explained in their website page, DB “offers employees, clients and the general public, access to contemporary art, through its collection at the workplace, in international exhibitions, at the KunstHalle in Berlin, as well as through educational programmes. Deutsche Bank supports joint projects with museums, art fairs and other institutions to award and encourage emerging talents.” For this purpose, they also host a platform to present contemporary artists. As well, the institution also has a magazine feature on art.

The KunstHalle was created in 1997 with the aim of promoting the artworks of international artists and guest curators.

Basim Magdy was the chosen artist to host an exhibition from April 29th to July 3rd in the gallery in Unter den Liden.  This is not the first time the Deutsche Bank institute engages with the artist. However, this time, Magdy was chosen as the 2016 Artist of the Year by the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle.

Basim Magdy's “The Stars Were Aligned for a Century of New Beginnings” exhibition is focused on the future, and today's generation concept of it. Even with a pessimistic point of view, the artist still manages to use dark humor and irony to pass his ideas. His artwork includes collage, photography, light installation, and video. The exhibition features three short-movies that are his own.

The exposition can be visited from 10AM to 8PM everyday. There is no entrance fee on Mondays. For more information, one can access the website page.

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