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"Back to India" Concert

For 80 minutes, attendees will have the opportunity to travel to India through a concert at the Indian Embassy, which will include the main instruments of traditional music of the fascinating country.

November 27th, 2014
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The Embassy of India in Germany, in collaboration with different Indian musicians has organized a concert, whose main aim is to show the musical culture of India to Germany, through four of its main traditional instruments: the tabla (Indian drum), the guitar, the bansuri (Indian flute) and the sitar, which will flood the Embassy’s auditorium with colorful and happy sounds.

Significance of the Concert

Although it is not the first time, that the Indian Embassy in Germany uses music as the main connector between the two countries, this occasion is special as the concert will feature the presence of major musicians from India. The concert capacity is 200 people, is divided into 3 parts, during these parts three of the most famous Indian musicians: Debjit Pahari (a tabla player since his childhood); Babua Pahari, who also started his career as a tabla player as a child and who has now established himself as one of the leading musicians of the country playing other instruments like the flute, and Chandra Bahadur Sunar, who currently resides in Berlin, where he works as music teacher.


The concert, will take place next Monday December 1st and starts at 18:00 hours. It is not necessary to purchase tickets in order to attend, although it is necessary to carry a personal ID card in order to enter to the Embassy of India (Tiergartenstr. 17), where this event, which will last approximately 80 minutes, will take place.

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