Babylon Europa- The Culture Show

An ode to the cultural diversity of Europe opens this year's open-air summer on May 18, 2024, on the outdoor stage at the ufa fabrik in Berlin

May 10th, 2024
Alice Gnappa, News from Berlin
20240510 Babylon Europa.jpg

On May 18th, Babylon Europe – The Culture Show opens the Ufa Fabrik’s open-air season from 5 p.m.

Look forward to an extraordinary, rousing show on the covered open-air stage with excellent artists from 12 different regions and countries in Europe. The partner event of the Carnival of Cultures celebrates the cultural diversity of our continent in its seventh edition. The audience can look forward to rhythms, jazz, electronic beats, classical and folk with the artists Marco Brosolo (Italy), Nedyalko Nedyalkov Quartet (Bulgaria), Stéphane Orlando (Belgium/Wallonia-Brussels), The River Rats (France), Jackie Moontan (Luxembourg), Liz Metta (Austria), Astrid (Slovenia), Luca Kézdy (Hungary), Ana Rocha (Portugal), Tamara Kramar (Slovakia). Inka Pehkonen (Finland) provides picturesque acrobatics, while Salamandre (Romania) conjures up a breathtaking fire performance. This year too, the Berlin show band The Swag will provide the musical framework for the event. For three days, the artists will develop a joint show program that combines art and cultures. The result is an intensive exchange between all Babylon Europa artists and an impressive show with the theme “Creative Sparks – Where does your inspiration come from? And how do you hold them?” Babylon Europa takes the audience on a journey of creative sparks and therefore moments of inspiration.

The show BABYLON EUROPA from EUNIC Berlin, the network of European cultural institutes, is a guest at the Ufa Fabrik for the second time. EUNIC Berlin uses the positive power of creativity to paint a lively, productive and future-oriented picture of Europe. BABYLON EUROPA is a project by EUNIC Berlin and is curated and produced by buero doering – Fachhandel für Veranstaltungs GmbH. The event is part of the Carnival of Cultures program and takes place in cooperation with the Berlin Senate Chancellery.

Admission free!


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