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Azerbaijani Delegation to Explore German Energy Efficiency

June 04th, 2014

News from Berlin – The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy invited Azerbaijani experts on energy to join a four day trip from June 2nd till June 5th on the subject of ‘energy efficiency in industry’. Organized by RENAC AG in cooperation with the German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Foreign Commerce, the aim of this journey is to give the Azerbaijani representatives from the private sector, associations, ministries and local authorities an insight into the industrial energy efficiency and its application to the German industry. It shall also give an overview of performance of German industries. Therefore the participants get the opportunity to visit German companies and a chance to get acquainted with German technologies.

During the induction day experts talked about the current market and technology developments as well as the German conditions for receiving promotion which wa followed by a networking event where representatives of German companies presented their new products and services. Within the coming days the Azerbaijani delegation will visit plants and businesses to see the application of various technologies discussed in practice.

Due to the fact that the energy consumption in the private sector in Azerbaijan is still high, the country offers a great potential with respect to increasing energy efficiency where it is still dependent on technologies and the know-how of foreign businesses.

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