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Broadening Horizons Via Cultural Engagement Through Art in Berlin

From 21-28 August, the Yacaiste Art Festival will deepen and build up foreign relations through art

September 07th, 2016
Jessica Sama, News from Berlin
The "ORIGINS" festival, sponsored by several embassies based in Berlin, will be staged during the last week of August. ORIGINS is a performing arts festival with the aim of giving people the opportunity to discover the cultural richness of different cultures around the world. The artists and founders, Yvo and Ben, wish to invite people in Berlin to experience the beauty of diversity.

The ACAISTE organization will offer various artistic activities in its space in Berlin. During the week, artists from the fields of theatre, dance, circus, painting and design will come together, united by a common sense of social engagement through art. They will let you travel around the world in just 8 days, moving from one discovery to another and learning from one another.

On the website of the organization, the founders explain why they decided to launch this innovative project. The reasoning behind their idea was deeply influenced by the ongoing refugee crisis, which is currently a major issue throughout Europe. They believed refugees were simply being labelled rather than being considered as human beings. In their view, refugees do not just bring their pain and the need for assistance with them, but also their culture: legends, music, stories, myths and traditions.

The founders realized that previous crises, financial issues and even love can contribute to the reasons why a person decides to live in a certain place, which in turn contributes to their identity. So they decided to do something about it by organizing a festival which takes people on a journey around the world in just 8 days.

The artists will be funded by the donations that visitors will put in the ‘hat’ located at the entrance on the evening of their performance. Operating as a crowdfunding-platform, everybody can participate in the project by donating something, be that money, time, skills or energy.

The festival will represent a great opportunity to engage community members in a variety of performances, events and activities involving art. This will allow visitors to engage with cultural, social and economic development which encompasses different traditions and stories from all over the world. So don't miss the opportunity to take part in this great experience that will broaden your horizons.

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