Australian & New Zealand Film Festival in the Cultural Metropolis of Berlin

Film and culture festival as a place of exchange and promotion of cultural diversity

March 15th, 2019
Alessandra Angeloni, News from Berlin
20190315_Australian & New Zealand Film Festival.jpg

In September 2019 at Movimento Kino the 9th edition of Down Under Berlin – Australian & New Zealand film festival will be hosted.

The festival is the Europe’s leading festival for Australian & New Zealand films. It represents the opportunity to exchange and present unique films to an international audience in the Europe’s cultural metropolis, Berlin.

Since 2011 the film festival brings together Australian and New Zealand together to Berlin and to Europe. The festival does not have a focus on a specific genre, rather it is an opportunity to showcase drama, comedy, thriller, indigenous and experimental genders. Also, the festival has co-operated with renowned film institutions and film schools demonstrating a positive networking attitude. The culture and film festival Down Under Berlin aims at showcasing through films the perception and understanding of Australian and New Zealand cultures. Films play a relevant role in highlighting cultural issues as well in offering an understanding of cultural diversity.


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