Armory show

At the Zeughausmesse, designers and artists exhibit and sell their work from their studios and workshops.

October 15th, 2022
Constantinos Georgiou, News from Berlin
20221014_Armory show.jpg

In honour of the Regiment's famous 1913 exhibition of the same name, which famously featured avant-garde works by European artists that had never been seen in America, the fair has been renamed "The Armory Show."

Touching is permissible: At the Zeughausmesse, visitors can get very close. Because in Modern Craft, the function of an object is just as important as its aesthetics. The lamps, hats, furniture, bags, jewellery, and jewellery that are on display all combine innovative design with high-quality craftsmanship. The Zeughausmesse in Berlin, a gathering place for applied arts, not only provides an opportunity to acquire unusual objects but also to connect with artists.

The armory of the German Historical Museum is where the armory fair usually takes place, as the name suggests. However, the arsenal will remain closed until the end of 2025 due to extensive renovation work. As a result, the fair takes place in the Kreuzberg cold store.


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