Argentinian Food Lessons in Berlin

Promoting gastronomic Argentinian habits with culinary lessons

June 14th, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190614_Argentinian Food Lessons.jpg

The Argentinian Embassy has organized on June 4th a gastronomic class where the typical Argentinian dishes were shown how to prepare and were served in order to bring closer one of the cultural branches of this country.

A menu of 3 typical Argentinian dishes, prepared exclusively for this event by the Argentinian chef Santiago Torres, had constituted the promotion of the gastronomic diversity and the awareness of the uniqueness of each cultural expression. The occasion served as an opportunity to shed light on the Argentinian products, which were used in the cooking: they were mainly high-quality beef meat, caramelized products, and famous wines from Trapiche cellar.

The event was hosted by the Regent, Hilton and Sofitel hotels where the students and directives of the most important gastronomic schools had the opportunity to participate in this event, learning more and getting closer to discover the particularities of each country’s cuisine.


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