Argentinian Concerts in Berlin

Promoting network and collaboration through the Argentinian music

July 18th, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190719_Argentinian Concerts in Berlin.jpg

The Argentinian Embassy has helped to organize several Argentinian cultural events that had the aim to promote the musical traditions and customs of the Argentinian culture, besides from bringing Argentinian and foreign people together.

The event has taken place in Bi Nuu, Schlesisches Tor in Berlin with the collaboration and promotion from the Argentinian Embassy, which helped to bring many people from different countries to enjoy the pop culture of Argentina. The groups like Ratones Paranoicos,  Rock del Gato, Sigue Girando,  Para Siempre,  Rock del Pedazo , Ahora No es lo Mismo, Mona Lisa , La Nave, some of which are  coming to Berlin for the first time.

Other similar events will take place on 02 of July Los Espiritus, 09 of July with El Mato a un Polícia Motorizado  and on 18 of July with Kevin Johansen. This event in particular had place on 13 of July.


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