Argentinian Agriculture in Berlin

Fostering the network and the promotion of the primary sector

August 20th, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190820_Argentinian Agriculture.jpg

The Argentinian Embassy organized and hosted the event “Germany: the agricultural country and the trends for the future in the field seeking collaboration and network with the aim of increasing the efficiency and productivity of this sector in Berlin.

On august 12th this event has taken place and it was a result of collaboration with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Argentina-Germany bilateral realtions. This event started the initiative of a mission of agricultural entrepreneurs from the west of the Province of Buenos Aires and from the east of the Province of La Pampa.

During the day the exhibitions of representatives of different German associations related to agriculture and the countryside took place, such as members of  Foundation for Nature and Environment (BUND), German Farmers Association (DLG), German Association Raiffeisen (DRV), the German Foundation for Environmental Protection (NABU), AGRAVIS AG and the German Biogas Association.


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