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Argentina Embassy Supports Arts

The exhibition of "Gauchos en las nubes" is one of the many cultural activities organised by the Embassy

June 15th, 2016

The Embassy of Argentina in Berlin participates in dozens of cultural activities during the year. Its work is especially important in the field of art. The exhibition "Gauchos en las nubes" (Gauchos in the clouds) is the perfect example of such dedication.

This past April, the Argentinian Embassy in Berlin inaugurated the opening of the exhibition "Gauchos in the clouds" by the artist Benjamin Weder. More that 80 people went to the inauguration ceremony in order to learn more about the paintings. The cultural attache of the Embassy made an introductory speech and spoke about the quality and uniqueness of the paintings of the artist, who normally uses plastic colours in his art.

After that, the brother of Benjamin Weder, Lukas Weder, explained the motivations that led his brother to offer his gaze on "the Argentina Pampa". In addition, he also referred to Benjamin's art in his workshop in San José de la Esquina, in the Province of Santa Fe.

Finally, the german writer and painter, Ankalina Dahlem, narrated a brief history about art in Argentina. The exhibition was held in collaboration with the foundation Herbert Quandt and the event ended with a tasting of Malbec wine.

The Embassy of Argentina has also supported art by holding many other events such as the Commemoration of the National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice, the exhibition "Bild der Frau", the Christmas concert in the St Matthäus church and the didactic presentation of the "charango" instrument by the duo "Cuerdas Itinerantes" of the Argentine musicians Patricio Sullivan and John Gau.

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