Antique Mexican Artwork Returned from Italy

594 Mexican Paintings which were stolen in the 1960´s were returned to Mexico in a true act of Diplomacy

March 14th, 2019
Lance Bradley, News from Berlin
20190314_Antique Mexican Artwork.jpg

After a formal exchange in the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activity in Rome, the Mexican government retrieves hundreds of stolen antique art pieces.

After more than 500 paintings were stolen from Mexico and sold on the black market in Italy, these riveting pieces of art were on display in Lombardy and Piedmont for decades. The exchange had been long discussed, and on March 6th a ceremony took place in which the Minister of Culture of Italy began handing over these famous pieces to the Secretary of Culture of Mexico.

Many painting are religious, while others tell common folklore stories from Mexican tradition. Many pieces are anonymous and were painted on wood in a style common to Latin America. In many pieces there is a dynamic blue color to be observed – Mexican historians believe this color was invented by the Mayans.

Until 2016, it was not widely known that the paintings were stolen. Research from technicians within the Ministry of Culture in Italy discovered this information and the governments were quick to act to right this wrong.


News from Berlin