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Visit Kreuzberg’s praised English Bookshop

February 06th, 2015
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The English bookshop, situated at Riemannstrasse 7 has a reputation for being one of the best bookshops in Berlin. The BBC has listed Another Country, amongst the world’s greatest bookshops and the Lonely Planet named it amongst the 10 best bookshops in the world. Further to this, the bookshop is continually praised in newspapers, travel guides and on blogs.

Since Sophie Raphaeline founded the bookshop 17 years ago, Another Country has become so much more than a place where you buy books. The bookshop is mostly used as a library, but it has also become a forum for British culture, discussions, vivid debates and liberal thinking. The bookshop describes itself as a ’club’ on the website, and events such as readings, filmnights and social evenings frequently take place at the venue.

When the bookshop was set up, it was largely to find use for about 13,000 books from a personal collection. This personal collection has grown over the years and today you will find more that 20,000 second hand books for sale.  The shop offers a large selection of books written in English and includes a vast science fiction section.

Apart from its quirky charm, colorful decor and cozy armchairs, the owner Sophie enhances the experience of your visit. She will happily enter into lively discussions on almost any topic related and un-related to literature.

You can either choose to buy or to borrow one of the books at Another Country. When you purchase one, you can if you want, return it for a full refund (minus a 1,50 Euro charge).  

Berlin Global warmly recommends all of you in Berlin with an interest in literature to visit this expat heaven in Kreuzberg.


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