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Annual Meeting of the Colombian-German Friendship Circle to be Held in Berlin

May 16th, 2014
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News from Berlin - This year’s annual meeting of the Colombian-German Friendship Circle will be held in Berlin. Between May 19th and May 22nd all members can participate in the General Assembly meeting to discuss the future direction of the organization. A workshop on the topics: “How do we remain attractive to new members?” and “How do we organize employees?” is planned to be held at the Embassy of Colombia in Berlin.

The Colombian-German Friendship Circle is a non-profit organization, founded in 1981 in Bonn. Its main mission is to strengthen the objective knowledge about Germany and Colombia and to improve mutual understanding and friendly relations between citizens of both countries. To achieve this, the organization carries out different cultural events and participates in social projects in Colombia.

There are seven headquarters around Germany: in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne/Bonn, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart. In Colombia, a sister organization exists which pursues the same objectives and resides in Bogota.

In the last few years, the relations between the two countries have intensified and deepened. The Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, together with the Germany Trade & Invest GmbH, have identified Colombia as one of six “Top Export Markets 2014" countries. These countries cooperate on the development of areas such as "Conflict prevention, peace and development for strengthening the rule of law" and "Environmental Policy, Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources". Last but not least is cultural cooperation, which has a long tradition dating back to Alexander von Humboldt, and scientific-academic cooperation that has become very dynamic recently.

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