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An inviting Roaaar from Berlin

Germany’s largest zoo invites all animal lovers for an exciting tour inside nature’s world

February 06th, 2015
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Two gigantic elephant statues, made from Elbe Sandstone welcome all who come to visit the Zoologischer Garten. They are supporting heavy columns with a curved roof, decorated with golden paintings in East Asian style. A gate that cannot be mistaken for an entrance to anything else, but the largest zoo in all of Germany.

The zoo was created in 1844 by the famous scientist Alexander von Humbold, the African explorer Lichtenstein Martin Hinrich and the horticultural director Peter Joseph Lenné. The first animals to inhabit the garden were donated by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV from his personal collection.

Today, the zoo collection has grown, with up to 16,000 animals, including about 1,500 various species. Special places in the zoo are the hippo sanctuary, the predator and the nocturnal animal house, not to forget the largest aviary located in Europe. In addition, one can visit the zoo’s aquarium, which contains diverse biotopes of sharks, piranhas and fish from coral reefs.

The popularity of the zoo grows every year. Statistic shown that in 2009 more than 3 million people visited the Zoological Gardens. Today, the numbers are even bigger.

For this never ending flow of tourists, the zoo can offer a variety of tours and opportunities to experience wildlife. You can visit the ‘Architecture at the Zoo’ or ‘Let’s go to South America’ tour. If you want something more exciting you can participate in the Mystery Safari games or even go and pet your favorite animal.

Whether you are a small kid or a grown-up, there is always something special for you at the Zoological Gardens of Berlin.

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