An Intercultural Art Project

Promoting cultural exchange between Luxembourg and Saarbrucken through its community in Berlin

September 24th, 2019
Victoria Rochelois, News from Berlin
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Art Mix is an intercultural art project created by the cultural minister of Luxembourg and the cultural center of the capital of Saarbrücken, which promotes a cultural exchange between Luxembourg and Saarbrücken. For the third time, Artmix is to be hosted by the Saarländische Galerie, in Berlin.

Artmix offers artists a platform and opportunities to collaborate on projects during residencies, and then showcases the results in exhibitions. S. Ecker (Luxembourg), K.Fritz (Saarbrücken), and S. Niecke (Saarbrücken) created a collective project entitled: “Peripher”, inspired by their rural and post-industrial home-towns, questioning: What happens at the center of one’s own periphery?

The artists built a mobile bottomless one square meter box, layered with specific local materials to give us a diffused, different experience. The look of the box corresponds to that of its locality: it is banal and bland. Fritz looks at time and space as tangible dynamic processes, Niecke questions social processes and seeks to dissociate them from their everyday objectiveness and certainty, conveying that there isn’t just one reality. Ecker has been primarily examining “in-between” spaces such as border zones, as well as how best to secure fragile traces.

Through this form of soft power, the existing cultural ties between Luxembourg and Berlin are strengthened. This intercultural art project is an opportunity to increase our understanding of spaces and how rural and post-industrial cities are constructed and of their perception.


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