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An Important Day for the Irish Community in Berlin

In a few days Irish people from all around the world will celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Berlin is ready to embrace its Irish culture

March 10th, 2015

St Patrick’s day will be celebrated on March 15th in Berlin; the event commemorates the death of Saint Patrick, primary patron and Saint of Ireland. Being one of the most famous celebrations of Irish Culture, the event always gathers the attention of the international community in Ireland and all around the world. 

Saint Patrick, born as Maewyin Succat was a bishop and Irish missionary with Scottish origins.

He is the most famous Irish figure; known all around the world for the 17th of March, the date of his death that still today is remembered and celebrated especially in Ireland and in the United States where there are many Irish descendants. When Saint Patrick was sixteen he was kidnapped and brought up as a slave in the North of Ireland where he learnt Gaelic and the Celtic religion. After six years in Ireland he was able to escape and return to his family. He became a bishop and returned to Ireland as he found his calling to teach the Irish people about god. The Confessio is the most important document regarding his work of spiritualization in Ireland. Saint Patrick was generally successful at winning converts. He was arrested several times because the Druids did not easily accept his work for Christianization, but he escaped each time. For 20 years he had traveled throughout Ireland, establishing monasteries across the country. The shamrock became his symbol and we can now identify this with Irish culture and this special day. Indeed it is told that he used a shamrock to teach Irish people the concept of trinity.

17th of March is internationally known as St. Patrick’s Day and celebrations are held in every country of the world. Germany is not an exception, with large celebrations mainly in Berlin and Munich. This year, celebrations include a number of cultural activities that will gather the attention of Berliners and the wider international community. Berlin will not only celebrate the 17th anniversary of Saint Patrick, other events are going to take place in the city for the entire week.

13 March: Berlin St Patrick’s Day Concert

The celebrations will start the 13th of March with a concert that will see the involvement of renowed musicians as Aaron Shirlow, Berndt Lüdtke and Noel Minogue who have already toured Europe and Germany and they will finish the tour here in Berlin in occasion of St Patrick.

14 March - St. Patrick’s Night: Party with the Irish in Berlin

The main event on the 14th of March is thought to launch The Berlin Irish Cultural Society, which was founded to promote Irish culture in Berlin. It will soon be possible to attend performances of Irish music and dance while also tasting Irish street food. Finally, to conclude the Irish circle, there will be a village shop with ladies selling Irish crisps, minerals and ‘hang’ (ham) sandwiches. It will also be possible to attend Irish language courses.

15 March: Parade and Concert Celebration at St Patrick’s Festival Berlin

Events in Berlin will include a Saint Patrick’s Day Festival in Görtlizer Park, a tradition upheld since 2011. Every year, the festival has seen a larger participation; in 2011 there were 100 attendees, since then the number of people has increased to 10.000.

This year’s celebrations will start on Sunday March 15th at 2pm, with a parade that will kick off in Oranienplazt and will continue through Oranienstraße, Wiener Straße, Ratiborstraße to finish in jockel Biergarten. The festival will include a number of music performances and will gather Irish artists to exhibit the best of Irish culture. Participants will have the chance also to taste some of the traditional pastries and other Irish delicatessens.

11 - 17 March: Shebeen Flick Irish Film

From the 11th until 17th of March, the Shebeen Flick Festrubval will take place. This project started in Dublin in 2010 and since 2012 the Shebeen Flick has moved to Berlin, becoming a part of the St. Patrick’s Day Festival. The Screenings will showcase Irish films not yet distributed in Germany. 


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