An Exhibition on Cuban Migration to Germany - “… bisschen anders, aber genauso”

A participatory exhibition showcasing the experiences of Cuban migrants in East and West Germany from 1964 to the present day

March 16th, 2023
Daniela Desantis, News from Berlin
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From March 16th to May 21st the Museum in der Kulturbrauerei in Berlin hosts the exhibition “… bisschen anders, aber genauso” as part of the project “Your Story”. The exhibition describes a story of migration: that of Cubans in Germany from 1964 onwards. It highlights through movies, videos, pictures and other medias the struggles and bravery of the almost 30.000 Cubans that migrated to Germany in 1989.

That of the Museum in der Kulturbrauerei is an exhibition that aims through art and testimonies to retrace back in history the lives and struggles of migrants from Cuba to Germany. Indeed, in 1964, the German government invited Cuban workers to come to Germany and work in various industries, such as construction and manufacturing. Not only that, by 1989 almost 30.000 Cubans had migrated to East Germany to work, study, or complete their training.

As all migration stories, also that of the Cuban people is one characterized by the facing and overcoming of many difficulties and discriminations, together with the finding of opportunities and connections.

It was precisely to encapsulate as many stories and experiences as possible that the exhibition “… bisschen anders, aber genauso”, which means “... a little different, but just the same” was created.
From March 16th to May 21st, 2023, is therefore possible to experience the exhibition at the Museum in der Kulturbrauerei. This exhibition presents personal stories, memories, films, video interviews, photos, and artifacts of ten Cuban migrants and their families living in the socialist German Democratic Republic. They narrate their everyday lives: their work, their schools, and how they made friends and found love in East Germany. The exhibition also covers the peaceful revolution of 1989 and the 1990s, which were marked by racism and nationalism.

The exhibition is developed through a participatory approach that involves the active participation of the narrators in the presentation of their stories. This approach seeks to create a dialogue between the narrators and the audience, enabling visitors to engage with the personal experiences of those who lived through the history of migration.

Moreover, the exhibition is part of the "Your Story" project, an artistic and educational initiative that seeks to explore different ways of presenting German migration history in four participatory and itinerant exhibitions. The project aims to integrate the history of migration into the urban landscape and to highlight the role of migration in shaping German history. It asks questions such as where the history of immigrant countries is included in the historical narrative and who tells the story of migration.

The project is accompanied by an online presence and a program of events and workshops on the history of migration and immigration society in Germany. Its goal is to experiment with new forms of presenting migration and to present it as an integral part of German history.

Overall, art plays a crucial role in promoting solidarity, equality, and memory in history, as demonstrated in the "Your Story" project and “… bisschen anders, aber genauso” exhibition. The participatory nature of the exhibition allows for multiple perspectives to be represented, making it an inclusive space for migrants to tell their stories. This project highlights the importance of recognizing the contributions of migrants to German society and the need to celebrate diversity. Art can help us empathize with those whose experiences are different from our own, creating a sense of unity and solidarity among all people, regardless of their background.


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