An Artistic Reflection on History Oblivion

The movie directed by the Romanian Radu Jude will be screened on May 30, at the Oranienplatz cinema in his presence

May 28th, 2019
Margareta Calugher, News from Berlin
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The title of the film « I do not care if we go down in history as barbarians » is the statement made by Ion Antonescu, the Romanian military dictator and Hitler’s ally, on his so-called "ethnic cleansing ».

Ion Antonescu was responsible for the Romanian share in the Holocaust, killing more than 300,000 Jews and more than 20,000 Roma, until he lost his title and office due to persistent military failure. In the post-communist era though, he is celebrated as a national hero, honored with monuments and often immortalized as a street name. Today, not many remember about the complicity in the genocide of Jews and Roma.

Radu Jude, the director of the film uses his unique tone to address the topic of selective remembrance policy in today's Europe. 

Between reality and fiction, between a look into moral abysses and an ironic lightness, he succeeds to make us reflect upon the oblivion of history. Radu Jude wants his film to be a solid staging against the repression of the past. 

The actress Ioana Iacob steps in front of the camera and wishes the audience a lot of fun, then she takes on the role of the theater director Mariana Marin, who rehearses a re-enactment of the massacre of the Jewish population of Odessa in 1941. 

Radu Jude's best film takes spectators through a journey between the past and the future into a brilliant grotesque. It portrays the failure of political art, whereas the film itself is a political work of art.


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