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Ambassador of Pakistan Presents his New Book

H.E. Amb. Syed Hasan Javed will present his most recent Book "Chinese Soft Power Code" on March 24th

March 23rd, 2015

On Tuesday March 24th 2015 at 18:30, H.E. Syed Hasan Javed, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Germany, will present his most recent book “Chinese Soft Power Code” at the Chinese Cultural Center in Berlin.

H.E Syed Hasan Javed has been Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Germany since April 2014, and this is not the first book the Ambassador has written on China. He was appointed Ambassador of Pakistan in China as well as Germany, and his deep knowledge of the country is evident through his writing. The first book he wrote, 'Chinese Made Easy' enjoyed good success.

The book, which will be presented in March, is a valuable addition to existing bodes of research in the field of the evolution of soft power and its role within national power spheres. Soft power is a concept developed by Joseph Nye of Harvard University, to describe a movement towards cooperation rather than coercion, the use of force and bribery.

The book focuses on Chinese politics and international relations and includes chapters on Chinese horoscopes and Chinese traditions, symbols, dogmas, metaphors, myths, legends and fables. In this respect, the book touches on topics that can be considered an important aspect of Chinese life and society.


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