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All Saints’ Day in Latin America

October 28th, 2014
News from Berlin - Latin American citizens and countries will soon celebrate All Saints’ Day in Berlin. The Embassy of Mexico will host this event, with participation from the Embassy of Colombia and the Plurinational State of Bolivia. On October the 31st at 18.30pm, the Embassies want to commemorate and honor all the saints.

The Embassies will pay homage to this festivity, that is very important for Bolivian and Mexican cultures. They will have symbolic samples of food, objects, candles and memorial goods from the different regions, cultures and beliefs that compound the contact zones in which these indigenous and postcolonial catholic habits are mixed. This is a way to bring Latin American cultures closer to Europe and promote cultural diplomacy.

The Embassies of these countries will present the typical altars with dedication all offerings dedicated to the dead. Mexico and Colombia will recover the figure of Gabriel García Márquez, the writer of the Magic Realism that creates a world called Macondo. Bolivia will place more of an emphasis on remembering the important people that took part in the changing process of Bolivia such as Lidia Gueiler Tejada and Tupak Katari.

In Mexico, the offerings in the tombs consist of food, drinks and flowers that will stay there on display for two days, so the spirits can enjoy them, as established by tradition. While in Bolivia, they bake bread in different shapes, such as horses or stars. In Colombia, and more specifically in Cartagena de Indias, they celebrate the tintililillo, this is an event in which young people ask for food through music from house to house. They will then prepare Sancocho, a traditional dish in Colombia.

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