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All Nationís Festival in Berlin

July 01st, 2014

News from Berlin - The All Nations Festival has been held every year since 2001. This year twelve Embassies, Consulates and foreign Cultural Institutions participated. Visitors gathered to enjoy cultural events, food and entertainment representatives for each individual countries and to get to know the work of diplomats as well as the features of the culture of the countries.

The embassies offered a range of information about their specific countries for the ones interested in knowing more about the culture and its presence in Germany. A wide range of information was available regarding culture and tourism within the countries. Different types of handicrafts were on display and different types of cuisines were also on offer. In the Chinese Cultural Center the visitors were able to try out the typical calligraphy techniques and learn the basics of the Chinese art and language. The center ended the day with a concert performed by the Chinese originated band Shanghai Magnolia Group.

The Embassies, Consulates and Foreign Cultural Institutions that participated were Bolivia, China, the Chinese Cultural Center, Indonesia, Jamaica, Yemen, Kyrgyzstan, the Korean Cultural Center, Malaysia, Nepal, the Palestinian Consulate and South Sudan.

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