All Aboard the Train to Diplomacy

The relations between Germany and Mexico travel at high-speed

August 15th, 2019
Sabrina Crosta, News from Berlin
20190815_A Bringing Train of Diplomacy.jpg

On 13th August, the Mexican Ambassador hosted the Head of the Americas Oliver Pietz and Doctor Emmanuel Gomez Farias of DB E&C, at the Mexican Embassy in Berlin.

Here we saw two of the most important members of the Deutsche Bahn AG and the German railway company discuss the implementation and promotion of investments and increased job opportunities for German companies in Mexico.

As soon as the Mexican Ambassador posted how appreciative he was for the event on Twitter, he received plenty of positive feedback. The strengthening of German-Mexican relations has been made possible as a result of their steadfast level of integrity and professional capacity described as excellent and genuine - which characterizes the Mexican Ambassador and the German Representative of Deutsche Bahn.

One can say this growing and ever improving relationship between Germany and Mexico forms the essence to cultural diplomacy.


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