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Algerian Embassy’s Annual Review

October 31st Marks the Date of this Year’s Annual Review for the Algerian Embassy.

October 30th, 2015

In the interest of keeping the electoral list up to date, all states update the lists annually. In the attentiveness to voter accuracy, the deceased and ineligible are removed from the official electoral list. In doing so, the list is cleansed and removes duplicate names – to prevent the voter from voting twice. The removal of the deceased ensures that nobody is voting on behalf of another individual.  This process is particularly important in the global cosmopolitan as often a citizen is registered to multiple international embassies and if international lists are not consolidated, duplicates that appear globally may go undetected.


To prevent election rigging, the Algerian Embassy is performing regulatory checks and balances on its own list. So long as in individual is a citizen of Algeria and is already registered with the embassy, there is a form that can be filled out in-house or online to become a registered voter well ahead of the next Algerian election in 2017. In the event that an Algerian citizen living in Germany is not known by its embassy, a visit to the embassy itself will need to be made. Although there is an additional 15 days given to any problems that may have been experienced, the official deadline for refistration is tomorrow, October 31st 2015.


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