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Ai Weiwei 'Evidence' - Extended Exhibition

June 12th, 2014
ai wei wei exhibition.png

News from Berlin - The Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei´s exhibition Evidence has been a success in public popularity and has been extended for an extra week, which gives everyone who has not yet experienced his work a chance to go and see the story about China in this largest one-man exhibition yet in Berlin´s Martin-Gropius-Bau, as earlier reported by the Berlin Global.  

The fascinating story about the life of Ai Weiwei has become well-known all around the world, as he is actively present on social networks with his works, thoughts and opinions. His famousness abroad stands in contrast with how invisible he is within China, where he is prohibited to appear in media and only allowed to use certain forms of expression. His documentary `Ai Weiwei’s Appeal´ was supposed to be released in Beijing in 2012 but was stopped by the government. After being a political prisoner for 81 days in 2011, the artist is still living a restricted life under close observation by the government. The has made the communication through social networks an important base for his art works and installations in this exhibition which are portraiting the relationship `China and the West´.

Three years after his imprisonment, Ai Weiwei is still deprived of his passport and are therefore not able to attend the exhibition in Berlin personally.

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