Afrolynk Conference: Technology, Investments, Growth & Expansion

Afrolynk Conference 2019 – An opportunity for start-ups to get things started

July 03rd, 2019
Constanze Veronika Locker, News from Berlin
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The Afrolynk Conference 2019 provides start-up firms opportunities to interact and collaborate with entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors from Africa and Europe.

The main topics of the Afrolynk Conference 2019 are technology, investment, and growth and expansion. These topics are aimed toward assisting start-up firms to improve their businesses and to build networks with other successful firms. Additionally, the conference will allow participants to gather information and insights on the newest and latest technological innovations, ecosystem developments, and best practices in the business world.

Aside from the conference itself, a Start-Up Night will take place in the evening. This event will give participants a chance to meet most promising African start-ups from Berlin, to feast on Panafrican food, and to mingle with other participants.

The conference will take place in Microsoft Berlin on 20th September 2019 from 9:00-17:30. Tickets are available online.


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