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#AFROLYNC, a Tech Impact

A conference where Africa and Europe bind heads to foster further technological development

July 08th, 2017
Ioana Bolboacă, News from Berlin
2017_07_08 Afrolync.jpg

The African Tech Entrepreneurship Conference 2017 will take place on the 1st of September, in Berlin, and has the aim to foster innovation, networking, and the acceleration of businesses from different spheres, as a result of the fruitful connections between Africa and Europe.

The conference will be held in the iconic Microsoft Berlin and it brings together various companies and entrepreneurs to discuss the African entrepreneurship connected to the European one. More than that, the event is constructed as a three-day workshop, starting August 31st and concluding September 2nd.

The concept of the conference is based on three action lines to be put into practice: to innovate, to connect, and to accelerate. It supports the link of start-ups with the African market, so that the innovation and development will be enhanced on both sides.

Furthermore, the conference is the right place for the African entrepreneurship, hubs, policy makers to meet the European ecosystem and, thus, to create a technological bondage. Last but not least, this event provides new opportunities of reinforcing the growth and progress at a global level, by transforming the actors’ networking into a plan to be implemented.

The array of topics surpasses the Entrepreneurship theme, covering: Renewable Energy for Africa, Health Management, Fintech, Tourism Innovation, Agriculture, Internet of Things, Education and Training, Start-up Ecosystem in Africa, Infrastructure for Development. It is the place for the African-European relations to be strengthened by “Linking Africa to Europe and Making an Impact with Tech”.


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