South African Film “City in the Mist” is the Winner of the Zebra Poetry Film Festival Münster

The Awarding of the Film Draws Significant Awareness of South African Cultural Themes

January 08th, 2019
Alexander Stefanovic, News from Berlin

On Dec. 6th, 2018, a South African film received the main award at the Zebra Poetry Film Festival Münster, bringing another spotlight and insight to cultural exchange, education and history by story telling between cultures.The South African Film “City in the Mist”, received the “Goethe Film Award” and elaborates of story telling of a “man who experiences the city as an enemy animal.” The main themes of the film are: war; peace; uncertainty; culture; progress and inspiration.

One of the best ways to foster cultural integration in the international community is through participatory functions, such as film festivals, which allows for creativity and inspiration, simultaneously educating the general public of its culture through film, particularly the younger generation.

Not surprising and quite inspirational is the fact that investment in education in South Africa has “tripled since the end of apartheid.” The percentage of investment in education is highest in the world and what a better way to channel education and culture together as one through a film festival.


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