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African Spirit Conquers Berlin

August 15th, 2014
20140814_African Spirit Conquers Berlin.jpg

News from Berlin – The grasslands of Cameroon and Ijele masks from the Igbo community in Berlin are just examples of the variety that the Ethnological Museum of Berlin now offers to the audience in the framework of its extended exhibition “Art from Africa”. The exhibition lets visitors enjoy various pieces of African contemporary art, along with the chance to rediscover African history in a different perspective.

Opened four years ago in Berlin together with its twin exhibition in Brazil, “Art from Africa” has attracted more than a million of international visitors, besides winning two awards. After the huge success, it has recently been extended with four exposition areas: “The Kingdom of Benin and Bamum”, “Tradition and innovation in the grasslands of Cameroon”, “Contemporary art from Africa” and “Africa in Berlin”, which takes a closer look at the multiple relations between Africa and Europe.

The goal and ultimate concept of the travelling exhibition is to emphasize the significance of art as a major and central component of the different cultures in Africa. The founders wanted to underline that African art has its own historical development, which the Western world did not recognize. The exhibition also draws the attention to the fact that art had multiple functions in African societies, in addition to its religious significance.

The exhibition can be visited at the Ethnological Museum, Lansstraße 8, 14195, Berlin.  

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