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African Food Festival

The people of Berlin are invited to rediscover the African cuisine

July 12th, 2017
Ioana Bolboacă, News from Berlin
2017_07_12 African Food Festival.jpg

The second round of African Food Festival took place on Saturday, July 15th, offering a diverse and modern African cuisine right on the Spree river, in the Alt Stralau 1, so that people enjoyed their time to the maximum while going beyond common stereotypes.

Food is known for bringing people together, connecting them through what they share on the table. This is what the African Food Festival wants to do in a modern way, making the ones that participate discover the cuisine that stands for modern Africa with European influences, apart from the usual clichés. The atmosphere will be animated even more by the music program planned until the sun rises again.

The festival pleases all types of culinary tastes, from grill to vegan, from a part of the African continent to the other, with a touch of European cuisine. It offers, actually, a mix between the innovative African street food and the traditional cuisines, bringing a rich and authentic variety.

The African identity was presented through music as well, from Afrobeats to Afrohouse and Highlife genres that the DJs that played for the whole evening and night. All the families were welcomed to have a “taste” of the multicultural barbeque, the festival having a Kids Corner, so that the children socialize and play. Moreover, an Afro-inspired designer store offered another insight into the African world, proposing innovative items.

It was, thereby, the occasion to enter the multicultural world through the rich African atmosphere, where all the gourmets can find their preferences and where the diverse people can have a great time together.


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