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Admiring Islamic Calligraphic Artwork at the Pakistan Embassy

When Pen is engaged in art

June 19th, 2015

On June, 24th, at 16:00, the Pakistan Embassy launches an exhibition about Islamic calligraphy. At the same time, the book Turmoil in Muslim World by Major General (Rtd) Shaukat Iqbal will be presented. The Embassy is also organizing a reception in honor of these two events.

Islamic culture has long proved that writing is not only a skill but also a very artistic way to let somebody express. No better context can be found to launch a book about the Muslim world than during a calligraphy exhibition. For this reason, the Pakistani Embassy has decided to launch the two events at the same time.

Major General Shaukat Iqbal served in Pakistan Army for about forty years. His closed link to Germany comes from his time as a student in Hamburg and in diplomatic missions in Germany, as well as in Austria and Poland. His second book, Turmoil in Muslim World,focuses on the worsening conditions in Middle East and its causes. However, future prospects are also looked at Simultaneously, Anjum Ayaz's artwork is displayed. The twenty pieces of calligraphy presented at the exhibition depict a mix between traditional calligraphy and modern art. Mr Ayaz is a prolific artist, not only a worldwide famous calligrapher but also a sculptor and an actor. The exhibition responds to the uncertainty presented by Mr. Iqbal's book by emphasizing, thanks to its rich and artistic past, a positive future to the Muslim world.

Before the exhibition and book launching, his Excellency the Ambassador Syed Hasan Javed will give a welcome speech, followed by an introduction of the book made by his author.

The Islamic Calligraphic Exhibition will be opened at 17:00.

To participate, visitors are welcomed to fill the registration form on the embassy's website (see the link below) or directly call the embassy. Participation is free of charge.

Address: Embassy of Pakistan, Schaperstrasse 29, 10719 Berlin.


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