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Adidas Relaunch of its Most Iconic Boot

An Update after 37 Years

April 20th, 2016

The latest product from the Limited Collection, the COPA SL, sees footballs’ most iconic boot from Adidas coming back 37 years later, to relaunch a range of exclusive boots released in limited quantities. This new “old” line of products shows the innovation and creativity of the well-known German brand.

The COPA Mundial is worn by some of the most famous players (Franco Baresi, Franz Beckenbauer), and it recalls the classic boot model invented in 1979. Indeed, the COPA Mundial was the boot chosen by some of the greatest athletes in the 80’s and 90’s, shown in European Cups as well as in World Cup competitions. The Update of this product is the perfect choice to pay homage to the original one.

The boots are presented in their lightest form while they still keep some of the design of the original ones. On one hand, the black kangaroo leather has been replaced by synthetic materials, through which the weight has decreased from 300 grams to 184 grams; on the other hand, the tongue and the three stripes are white as in the original model. Moreover, the COPA SL incorporates Adidas’ sprint frame a new stud system, which kept the weight down as well.

As the VP designer Sam Handy said, “Redeveloping this classic icon was a rewarding project that allowed us to add a modern take on a true football icon”.

He also said that their purpose was to pay homage to the classic model and to give the boot a new twist and a pinch of modernity at the same time.

The COPA SL is available to purchase in limited quantities starting on the 16th of April.


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