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Across the Data Pond – Analyzing a Sea of Ocean Data

The fifth instalment of the German Canadian Concourse (GCC) series will take place simultaneously in Halifax and in Berlin

November 11th, 2016
Martina Malusa, News from Berlin

The conference “Across the Data Pond — Analyzing a Sea of Ocean Data” will bring together results of Germany’s and Canada’s recent ocean analytics, examine potential for a new industry niche and discuss their cooperation in the field, while looking into its economic implications.

Canada and Germany are partners in the maritime sector: they already collaborate in various ways in oceans research such as educational exchange programs, shared scientific assets and international R&D programs. At the same time, each region has different competencies relating to funding science, spurring corresponding economic growth and applying success models from other related industries. The GCC 2016 will investigate the existing transatlantic collaboration surrounding ocean analytics, while discovering new approaches and maritime opportunities in the following thematic tasks: cooperation in research & education; science & innovation; entrepreneurial eco-systems; and security implications.

The main goals of GCC are to showcase successful projects of German-Canadian cooperation in ocean analytics, as well as to create a platform for launching further collaboration between the two countries. The GCC, which traditionally took place in Ontario on the Canadian side, has now moved to Nova Scotia for this particular event to be closer to the source of ocean data.

The conference is born thanks of a declaration signed between the German ministry for economic affairs and energy and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), in order to stimulate and finance innovation-driven collaboration among German and Canadian enterprises. By fostering collaborative scientific and industrial research and development projects, both countries aim to build on existing strong and lasting partnerships to accelerate the development of new innovations with high potential for commercialization, ultimately creating jobs and new research opportunities.

The transatlantic conference will be held in English both in Canada and Germany, precisely in Halifax and Berlin, connected via video conference in real time, and it will be opened by GCC patrons, Marie Gervais-Vidricaire, Ambassador of Canada to Germany and Werner Wnendt, Ambassador of Germany to Canada. It is organized by the Canada Meets Germany Network, a not-for-profit association.

To take part to the conference, you can apply at the following link, within 10th November.


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