About Traditions and Customs in the Year of the Dragon

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January 18th, 2024
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On February 10, 2024, we will celebrate the Chinese New Year in China with the Spring Festival according to the traditional Chinese farmers' calendar. According to this lunar calendar, the “Year of the Dragon” officially begins. Of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, the dragon is the only sacred animal and is considered a mythical creature of the highest rank in Chinese mythology. In early antiquity it initially only had a simple meaning as a totem.

However, over the course of China's thousands of years of history, the mystical figure of the dragon was subject to constant change. From then on it embodied new meanings and eventually became the most important cultural symbol of the Chinese nation. The significance of the dragon in Chinese culture is incomparable, as it is a symbol of majesty, auspiciousness and strength. As China's national symbol, the dragon stands for solidarity and Chinese people around the world proudly refer to themselves as the “descendants of the dragon”.

The dragon plays an important role in popular belief, many customs, such as the dragon dance during the New Year and the dragon boat races during the Dragon Boat Festival, are connected to the dragon and by worshiping the Dragon King, people pray for good weather, peace and happiness. This cultural salon covers the dragon and the Chinese customs and traditions associated with it. We get to know and understand the dragon and its meaning in Chinese antiquity better to this day. Together we exchange ideas about the dragon and the new year in its sign.

“The hare brings good harvest, just as the dragon brings good weather,” says a Chinese proverb. Because in the imagination of the people in China, the dragon flies in the sky, wind and clouds follow it. In anticipation of the Year of the Dragon, we come together at this cultural salon to welcome the arrival of this auspicious creature.

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