A travel through the Greenlandic history

The award-winning exhibition Qanga arriving in Berlin

January 23rd, 2019
Julia Bohlin, News from Berlin
20190123_A travel through the Greenlandic history.jpg

In the famous Danish exhibition Qanga, the artist Nuka Godfredsen in a unique cooperation with the archeologists of the Danish National Museum, takes you on a journey through Greenland. His colorful cartoon-like pictures can be discovered together with music created specifically for this experience.

Greenland has a lot of history to get inspired by. The exhibition explores the Greenlandic history as a former colony and forwards the oral stories and myths of the Inutits. Also, the National Museum has given the exhibition access to religious items and garments to make the experience even more authentic. If that is not enough attraction for you, a kayak built in a traditional has been put on exhibition there to be enjoyed as well.

Even though Greenland are a part of the Danish realm together with Denmark and the Faroe Islands, they have today reached extensive autonomy and are hence trying to develop there own identity. The Qanga exhibition is therefore a good contribution for a better understanding of today’s Greenland.

The opening night for the Qanga exhibition is at the Fellehus of the Nordic Embassies on the 29th of January at 18.00. The entrance is free but registration on their website is required. The exhibition ends at the 5th of April.


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