A Reading of Julia Mann’s Biography at the Brazilian Embassy of Berlin

Artist Nancy Almeida presents her book and her works of artCelebrating the life of a Brazilian who influenced one of the most important families of German writers

July 17th, 2019
Inês Novais, News from Berlin
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The Embassy of Brazil in Berlin organizes a reading by the author Dagmar Von Gersdorff entitled “Julia Mann, the mother of Heinrich and Thomas Mann – A Biography.”

Julia da Silva-Bruhns, daughter of Maria Luiz da Silva and Johann Ludwig Hermann Bruhns, was born and raised in Paraty (a Brazilian municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro). At age 18, she married Consul Johann Mann in Lübeck, northern Germany. It was Julia Mann who brought to the sober life of the Lübeck merchant family a musical-exotic element. When awarded with the Nobel Prize, Thomas Mann, her son, stated: "I think that in order to evaluate my work ... this influence cannot be underestimated." With this first biography on Julia Mann, Dagmar von Gersdorff unravels new facets of this very important family, which has made its mark in German literature.

The event will take place on August 15, 2019 at 7pm, in the Embassy of Brazil in Berlin (Wallstraße 57, 10179 Berlim).

Guests are asked to register using the following link:


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