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A Piano Concert for the Left Hand

June 06th, 2014
A Piano Concert for the Left Hand .jpg

News from Berlin – The Japanese pianist Izumi Tateno will perform at the Berliner Philharmonie on June 25th. This extraordinary pianist, born in 1936 in Tokyo, has done over 3500 concerts all over the world and has released no less than 130 recordings. He has also received many prizes in Japan as well as in Finland, where he is currently living.

Even more remarkably, in 2002 he had a stroke while performing on stage which left the right side of his body paralyzed. After two years of recovery, however, he returned to performance as a left-handed pianist. His style has evolved since that time, but the accident has not diminished the artistic value of his work. Some may argue it has made his music even more powerful and moving, because it unveils the strength of his spirit and brings a deeper meaning to his performances.

Renowned composers, moved by his story and impressed with his talent, have written pieces for his left hand. Others, for example Michio Mamiya, P.H Nordgren, Hikaru Hayashi,Yasuo Sueyoshi, Takashi Yoshimatsu and Kensaku Tanikawa, have dedicated their original works to Izumi Tateno.

You can take this rare opportunity to see Tateno at the Berliner Philharmonie on June 25th at 8pm.

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