A Photography Exhibition in Tribute to Fidel Castro

An opportunity to foster African women’s work in GermanyThe Embassy of Cuba inaugurates an exhibition on Fidel Castro and Cuba’s foreign policy

August 15th, 2019
Simon Thibaud, News from Berlin
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On August 13th, 2019, the Embassy of Cuba in Germany inaugurated a new exhibition, “Fidel y la politica exterior de la Revolución cubana,” on the foreign policy of Fidel Castro during the Cuban Revolution. The event marked conjointly the 93-year anniversary of Fidel Castro’s birth, as well as the 60-year anniversary of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In his introductory words, the Ambassador of Cuba to Germany H. E. Amb. Ramón Ripoll referred to the various fights of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, including for “the just causes in the world, and his contribution to the foreign policy of Cuba.”

Distinguished guests included Hans Modrow, the last communist premier of the German Democratic Republic and the country’s leader during the Peaceful Revolution. Hans Modrow delivered a short speech recalling his personal experiences with Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution more generally. As a current member of Die Linke, he also reinstated his interest in assisting the Caribbean nation through Cuba Sí, an independent working group in political and material solidarity with Cuba.

Also present were the Ambassador of Nicaragua to Germany, H. E. Amb. Tatiana García, the head of Die Linke’s international department, Oliver Schroeder, and the coordinator of Cuba Sí, Joerg Rückmann.

The event was both a nostalgic recollection of the Fidel Castro years and a look towards the future of Socialist Cuba. The photographic journey through the leader’s life and the country’s revolutionary foreign policy appeared as an homage, but also as a way to perpetuate Fidel Castro’s legacy in Cuba and the world, from Cold War to present.


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