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A New Artistic Venture from Spain

April 30th, 2014

News from Berlin - The Vesselroom Project, an independent art space in the centre of Berlin (Kottbusser Tor), is proud to introduce the first exhibition in Berlin of the Spanish collective The Children Pox: The Tree of the Bird With a Shadow. This is the third edition of an on-going project. Through mail, the artists exchange their drawings to complete a story. A modus operandi born out of a necessity because of the distance between them, as a new way for understanding their artistic identity.

Josephine and Victor Glass are the alter-egos of Juan Zamora and Alejandra Freymann, the true engineers of the collective. They construct a dreamlike trip to the unknown, where the cohesion exists in its destination rather than in its origin. The audience is actively involved in the development and resolution of this intricate game of concealed identities and mysterious situations. ‘The Tree of the Bird with a Shadow’ is a project that has been featured through postal exchange from Madrid to Johannesburg during the last few months of the Vesselroom Project in Berlin.

Juan Zamora & Alejandra Freymann have been exhibited around the world, however this will be the first time that they exhibit their work as part of the collective outside Spain. This project aims to become a meeting point for artists, collectors and visitors, that meet each other for the first time and can explore, investigate, discuss and observe the current artistic trends. Last Thursday at the Spanish Embassy there was a presentation of the two collectives, with a speech about their artistic collaborations and their techniques. On Saturday April 26th in Berlin and in Johannesburg at the same time, there was a workshop with children where they exchanged their works, following the same dynamic as The Children Pox and giving rise to the exhibition. On Sunday May 4th at 1pm, the Vesselroom Project will hold a brunch with the presentation of the new catalogue and the end of the exhibition. For those who wish to participate, the Vesselroom Project is located at Adalbertstraße 4 (first floor), 10999 Berlin.

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