A Modern Take on Tango

The Embassy of Argentina welcomes a tango quartet for an exploration of the different genres of tango

September 10th, 2019
Simon Thibaud, News from Berlin
20190910_A Modern Take on Tango.jpg

On September 9th, the Embassy of Argentina received the Cuarteto Conurbano, a quartet from Río de la Plata (River Plate in English), in the province of Buenos Aires, to play tango and Argentinian music.

The group, composed of Maximiliano Agüero (guitar and vocals), Sebastián Agüero (bandoneón), Hernán Giorcelli (clarinet and bass clarinet), Cristian Loudet (percussion) is particularly original, as it explores and connects tango with other genres from the Río de la Plata. The tango quartet Cuarteto Conurbano has adapted its rich repertoire, which includes traditional as well as contemporary tangos, to its special composition.

In this way, they create something new, but always in the language of tango, with current and modern character - both in cast and in their arrangements. Hosting such an event within the premises of the Embassy of Argentina is significant; tango, the traditional Argentinian genre, travels both literally and figuratively, as it encounters new genres, but also as it is played in Germany.

The performance by Cuarteto Conurbano was remarkable, and reminds us of the possibilities of music creation. Music seems to find no limit in its originality, but also in the way it can remain simple yet exquisite. Moreover, Argentinian tango, inscribed by UNSECO as “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity,” is a real rhythmic delight for the ears.

When tradition and modernity, when composition means reinvention, the result can only please. Cuarteto Conurbano is a young troop, but they have many wonderful years in front of them. Thank you to the Embassy of Argentina for welcoming them, and hopefully, to next time in Berlin.


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